Special Statement from the Board

The Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America (CaRWA) supports, welcomes and promotes diversity and inclusivity for all its authors.

We do not feel that the RWA has shown through their actions that they are also committed to a similar mandate. By sanctioning an author for calling out racism in a book and siding with a publisher over the author in that regard, it is our position that the RWA is not currently fit for its purpose, and has acted contrary to its mandate, its policies and procedures and betrayed its membership.

The actions of the RWA on a national level do not reflect the values of CaRWA.

CaRWA is also disturbed that the current RWA leadership has largely been silent in responding to the concerns of members, and has not responded in any meaningful way to the complete breakdown of trust and confusion that their actions have caused. Further, the RWA leadership has made no response or acknowledgement on the considerable worldwide negative press the organization and, in turn, the genre, has been receiving, as well as the statements of agents and other industry professionals refusing to affiliate with the RWA unless change occurs. We are deeply disappointed in the lack of response, lack of foresight and lack of intelligence exhibited by our parent organization in these matters.

Because of the actions taken by the RWA, and its subsequent handling of the fallout of these matters, CaRWA calls for the resignation of the current President, Damon Suede, the removal of staff who do not support the mandate for diversity and inclusivity, and a full change in leadership in the organization. CaRWA believes that shall go a long way to re-instilling the confidence of RWA membership which has been very badly bruised.

Romance is the literature of hope, and many authors have worked tirelessly to promote the positive, inclusive, and diverse message that romance novels can bring to readers. It is CaRWA’s position that the RWA national organization is currently damaging the reputation of romance authors and the genre with its thoughtless, racist and non-inclusive actions, as well as its refusal to respond to its members and apologize for the damage it has caused.

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