2017 Christmas Party

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, Past President Shelley Kassian hosted CARWA’s annual Christmas Party. At this event, we also held elections and did Goal Setting for 2018.

We are happy to announce that everyone on our 2017 Board has agreed to carry on for another year!

Brenda Sinclair, Katie O’Connor, President Win Day

Alyssa Linn Palmer, Vice President Jill Flanagan

Secretary Sherile Reilly, Treasurer Victoria Chatham, Susan James

Past President Shelley Kassian, Jenna Howard, B.C. Deeks

Suzanne Stengl, Sherile Reilly

M.K. Stelmack, A.M. Westerling, Jean Oram

Socks! by Vice President Emily Vale, Alyssa Linn Palmer, Suzanne Stengl

Kitchen Party!

Katie O’Connor with Secret Santa Gift

Merry Christmas to all! And may all your 2018 Goals come true!