Fourth Annual Sylvan Lake Retreat

Sylvan Lake Retreat 2017Once again, CARWA Author M. K. Stelmack (Moira) organized our retreat in Sylvan Lake. Thirteen current or prospective members met at the Sylvan Lake Library from ten until four-thirty on Saturday, August 19, 2017.

The day followed a similar format to last year. In the morning, we did a round robin with each participant asking a “deep, penetrating question” about the craft or industry, and then receiving feedback from the group.

Moira arranged two new items this year: a catered lunch (yum!) and a “beat the post-lunch doldrums competition” for after lunch. Teams were formed to answer skill-testing questions about CARWA and the romance industry. Each team had a runner, and the first to step on the heart (see above) won that round.

Questions ranged from: “When did CARWA start?” to “Who were/are CARWA’s Presidents in order?” to “Who was the novelist responsible for developing the romantic mystery genre in 1975?”

Thank you, Moira! It was a lively contest, although we’re not sure who won.

Following this warm-up, we moved on to the traditional “Tips and Tricks” section of the program. Once again, in round robin fashion we each provided our best writing related tip of the past year.

At the end of the day, we’d all learned something and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow writers, and we hope to do it again next year!